Sun Ra: Not my type of being, to be limited.

A lot of people have tried to contain me or to limit me. But you see, that is not my type of being, to be limited.

You might call me a catalyst. A catalyst changes everything, but it remains unchanged. I’ve been called that. The Baroness Rothschild (Baroness Kathleen Annie Pannonica de Koenigswarter) says that I’m a catalyst. So if you get one person on a planet to say that you are something, you’ve got something to work with. So it’s two of us who say that, I’m a catalyst.

I am looking for people to make judgement day a reality and to realize that neither God or anybody else is going to judge humanity, they have to do the judging as to what is proper for them to survive. Now they can judge as to whether I’m really telling a lie or whether I’m telling the truth. If I’m telling a lie they have to judge whether the lie is more profitable to them than the truth that they know. So therefore, I am paving the way for humanity to recognize the myth and become part of uh, my mythocracy, instead of their democracy or their theocracy and any other ocracies they got. They can become part of the magic myth, the magic touch of the mythocracy because, everything is unknown as part of the myth and I’m sure the myth can do more for humanity than anything they have ever dreamed possible.

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