Sun Ra: I’m A Spiritual Being Myself

You still got a man head of the Ku Klux Klan saying that the…the Black people have contributed as much to Western civilization as the horse. Actually, uh, since I don’t consider myself as, uh, one of the humans, I’m a spiritual being myself. I’m sure I can contribute more than a horse. To any kind of person. Cause they are all here today and gone tomorrow. And you might say that no man has contributed anything to anything. He doesn’t stay here very long you know and then he’s headed out to somewhere else, but he has no power. I feel that if the men on this planet would be honest with themselves they would see, that they have no power whatsoever. To get involved in a potential situation of a time zone or generation or country or any sort of thing that would make a man think that he is, you might say God, the kind that has absolute authority, is fooling oneself. I know I, myself, would never want to be God or even like God cuz…uh God got all these human beings on this planet and I most certainly would not want to be responsible for them or even have the disgrace that I made them.

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