[BREAKING NEWS] Melanin is worth over $400 a gram!!! (Update it is now worth $459 a gram)

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Melanin is a chemical. Chemicals have dollar value. As of January 2018, melanin is worth $407.00 a gram (Update: As of January 2021 melanin has increased to $459.00 a gram). That makes melanin worth over $395 a gram more than gold.

Melanin is an aromatic bio polymer and organic semiconductor. Eumelanin is the brown and black form of melanin. It is found in the skin of humans, feathers of birds, fur of mammals and ink of cephalopods. Microorganisms even produce it. Pheomelanin is a red and yellow form of melanin. Plants also have a form of melanin known as allomelanin. Melanin is produced through a chemical process known as Melanogenesis.

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Melanin is worth over $395 a gram more than gold. The Afro official currency of the United States of Africa is worth over $2. The Red, Black and Green flag is rapidly approaching its 100th anniversary. This is a new era.

Melanogenesis results from the oxygenation of the amino acid tyrosine in the presence of the enzyme tyrosinase. The first phase of Melanogenesis occurs when tyrosine becomes dopa. Dopa is the precursor to neurochemicals dopamine and adrenaline. When the third phase of Melanogenesis completes dopa transforms into dopaquinone. Lastly, the production of melanin is from dopaquinone.

The price for gold today is $42.48. That means melanin is worth $364.52 a gram more than gold.

It has been nearly four years since we became informed melanin is worth more than gold. At the outset we really didn’t think it meant much more than something that Black people, African people, MELANIN people, at home and abroad can point to as a source of pride, dignity, nobility and self-respect.

Since, then we have come to see some people, apparently fear the effect of everyone on this planet knowing melanin is worth more than gold. Rather than embrace the opportunity for growth spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, a number of hoaxes a wide variety of urban legends and a diverse assortment of fake news projects have appeared to us along the way.

More importantly, that disinformation revealed that a great deal of what we experience as sentient beings is based on not just cognition, but perception. We all have the ability to acquire knowledge about the world around us through thought, experience and the interpretation of our senses. Yet, two people will perceive the same information differently. For instance over 290,000 scholarly articles exist at present involving melanin. Yet, none appear to address the data indicating melanin is worth more than gold or the socio psychological implications relating to the two.

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