The Melanin Thought Bomb

Is melanin’s value a thought bomb? 

These are fascinating times we are living in. Melanin the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes Black people black  is worth $428 a gram. Melanin is more valuable than gold, more valuable than silver, more valuable than palladium, more valuable than platinum more valuable than rhodium. Are the foregoing facts the equivalent of a melanin thought bomb?

“Melanin” is also the title of a song by Kenyan musical group Sauti Sol teamed up with Pantoranking who hails from Nigeria. Since the video made its debut online two weeks ago it has gotten over two million views.  Is that the effect of the melanin thought bomb rippling through time and space on the quantum level?

Melanin as thought bomb could be a tool of quantum mechanics.  When unleashed it would expand the perception and awareness of those who not only internalize its power but also share it with others.

Melanin – Sauti Sol featuring Patoranking

Swami Panchadasi gives one view of a “thought bomb” with his book “The Human Aura: Astral Colors and Thought Forms.” He proclaims:

In cases of thought forms sent forth by explosive emotion, the thought form will actually take the form of a bomb which literally explodes when it reaches the presence of the person toward whom it is aimed. Every person has experienced this feeling of a thought bomb having been exploded in his near vicinity having been directed by a vigorous personality. This form is frequently found in the thought forms sent out by a strong, earnest, vigorous Orator.

Sauti Sol and Pantoranking could be the “strong, earnest, vigorous Orator” to whom the Swami refers. 

In “Path of Destruction (Star Wars: Darth Bane book 1) Darth Bane uses a thought bomb to unleash “the pure destructive energy of the dark side.” The thought bomb was the combined will of many Sith Lords. The secret ancient ritual of the Sith was acquired by Darth Bane when he joined the Sith “Brotherhood of Darkness” to avoid imprisonment for killing a gambler who lost to him. He learns many Sith secrets after training with Githany, a former Jedi turned Sith, in order to battle the Jedi “Army of Light.”

The thought bomb is the result of joining the minds of powerful Sith lords. The use of the thought bomb was destructive. Although it was powerful enough to destroy the Jedi knights in its range, it also obliterated the Sith lords.

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