An Open Letter To The President of the United States Regarding Melanin

Good Afternoon,
I saw where it has been reported that you were intending to ban transgender people from the military. The posts you shared on twitter drew reaction. Some were saying that the number of transgender people in the military was not significant, others disagreed. It seemed a lot of thought went into that subject.

Your predecessor ending the ban on transgender people serving in the military drew a similar response last year.

It made me wonder if you have ever thought about melanin? Do you know what melanin is? When did you learn about melanin? Do you know melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold? How long have you known melanin makes Black people black? Did you know melanin was worth more than gold before this letter? What do you think about melanin being worth over $350 a gram more than gold?

In light of the fact next Sunday, August 13, 2017 will begin the 97th year since the presentation of the Declaration of Rights of the Negro People of the World I thought I would just ask you outrightly ask you about melanin. Declaration 39 defines Red, Black and Green as the colors of the entire African race. Traditionally, the color red represents blood, black represents the people and green represents the motherland, Africa.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.


Nnamdi Azikiwe

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