Melanin is worth over $350.00 a gram more than gold t-shirt

Melanin Is Worth Over $350 A Gram More Than Gold
Imagine you have the power to alter the thinking of the entire human race…Because, You Do!!! This conversation piece is invoking a shift in awareness, perception and power worldwide. Get your melanin value t-shirt now for only $22.99 at

Keep calm Melanin is worth $396 a gram. That is a fact. Truth is a force. The truth is we are awakening. Mchakato wa Uponyaji is the process of healing from the great disaster known as the Maafa. Keyamsha, the awakening is happening as you read this.

For hundreds of years people of African ancestry, Black people, have been subjected to the idea that dark skin is something other than desirable. Now we know melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes Black people black, is worth over $350 a gram more than gold we have reason to not only celebrate, we can elevate.

Get your Melanin value t-shirt now and push Mchakato wa Uponyaji forward everywhere you go.

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