For The People With Listervelt Middleton

It was and is to this moment a grand legend in television broadcasting history. Few can find a program to match it in the power to expand minds.

“For The People” was a new public affairs series for the African-American community when the show made its 1973 debut with Beryl Dakers as host. Later, Listervelt Middleton served as host for a quarter century.


Middleton (1952-April 14, 1996) was a journalist, poet and television producer. He is survived by his wife Ernestine Middleton and their two children Bakari and Zakiya. He was originally from Pineville, South Carolina. The Benedict College graduate began hosting “For The People” in 1977 for South Carolina’s Educational Television network.

“For The People” served as both platform and pulpit from which scholars of African and African-American history could reach their prospective audience.

Also a poet, Middleton published three books of his work “Fatback and Caviar”, “We be Creosote People”, and “Southern Winds, African Breezes.”

He set the standard for the awakening of people of African ancestry, melanin people worldwide.

He presented to the viewing public African scholars many have come to know and revere. Episodes of his program can be viewed on Youtube and purchased from South Carolina ETV. Available programs for purchase include:

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