Spiritual Conditioning #10: The Highest Form of Love

“The highest form of love is living truth with each other.”

“The truth will set you free.” No one doubts that. Yet many justify deceiving those they claim to love. Falsehood enslave both the teller of the falsehood and those to whom falsehood is told. The teller of falsehood is enslaved by the need to maintain the illusion they are living the truth. Those to whom the falsehood is told is enslaved by the belief they are living truth when in fact they are living a lie, though passively. Neither can be said to be free.

Love is the feeling we get from the flow of endorphins and dopamine in our bloodstream. Fear/anger come from adrenaline. Those who tell falsehood live in fear their lies will be revealed.

By living the truth a life filled with freedom, joy and happiness awaits those who reject all that is false.

The above is one of the thoughts we have developed as a result of years of daily spiritual development. We suggest repeating the quotes in the spiritual conditioning series at least three times daily for maximum effectiveness.

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