Melanin Rising

The rising tide of melanin against the melanin challenged inferiority complex is causing a shift in human consciousness. We know this because of a few well placed facts.

Lothrop Stoddard, Harvard University graduate,historian, journalist, eugenicist, Klansman, and political theorist is most notable for a book he wrote entitled “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-supremacy.” From the melanin centered perspective the better title for his book would be “The Rising Tide of Melanin Against The Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex.” Stoddard’s 1920 book made predictions about the future of Western Civilization and its destruction. He saw melanin challenged people as being “exposed to…replacement or absorption by the teeming colored races.” That sounds like a melanin challenged definition for what Dr. Frances Cress Welsing calls “the fear of genetic annihilation.”

Like Stoddard, Cora Montgomery, alias Jane Cazneau, also fretted over the ascent of people who were not like her. In 1850 she wrote a letter published in the New Orleans Crescent. Montgomery/Cazneau saw the “mulatto tint” as threatening a “decrease of production and trade” among other perceived ills. Her greatest source of unease came through her belief an alliance between Haiti and Jamaica would lead to a “little Africa” in the middle of North America.

What Montgomery/Cazneau and Stoddard along with those who perceive reality as they did could never perceive is the reality of melanin rising.

Since June 2014 we have been tracking the rise of melanin, both as a quantifiable empirical phenomenon worth over $350 a gram more than gold, as well as, an idea influencing human thought and behavior.

When we first documented melanin’s chemical value it was worth $353 a gram. Four years later it has increased several times to its present $396 $407 a gram. As a comparison of what that means gold is presently worth $41.50 a gram. Melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold.

Along with melanin’s growth in value has come a growth in awareness.

Melanin rich people, or people who have high levels of melanin in their skin are aware not only that the chemical which gives hue to their skin is valuable, but they also are becoming aware that it is something which has not been discussed. Therefore they are seeking to know about melanin independent of the media and the public school system.

For evidence of this we look first to google trends. Google shows a steady growth in searches for melanin.

Google trends shows melanin as a internet search term has increased steadily since June 2016.

The phrase “how much is melanin” skyrocketed in March of 2016 and subsequently in March 2017. It has never looked back.

“How much is melanin” from Google Trends.

When the topic becomes the price of melanin, the upward interest increases in recent years.

The search term “melanin worth” began to grow upwards slowly after June 2014. Then in June 2014 interest in the phrase spiked with interest remaining above previous levels.

Interest in the search term “melanin price” remained at a constant low level beginning in March 2010. Then in June 2015 the interest spiked moderately then did so a gain several times that year. In 2016 it reached its second highest peak and has had several months of similar interest since then.

Before June 2015 apparently most people had no idea melanin was worth more than gold. Though it peaked and dipped several times after then, in November 2015 interest surged with peaks and valleys of interest afterwards.

Lastly, we present a screenshot of the top 5 search terms. The comparison indicates melanin worth is the leading category of interest followed by melanin price. Price of melanin and melanin for sale are roughly the same with melanin worth more than gold having the least interest.

To us these are perfect examples of melanin rising, and doing so in an organic manner, despite the lamentations of Montgomery, Stoddard and people who perceive the world the way they do. But we have only gotten started. Next we present a comparison between the word melanin and the phrase “white supremacy.”

Obviously, since 2004 melanin has held more interest than so-called “white” supremacy. This indicates a shift in awareness taking place in the minds of human beings, in our opinion. Most notable is the peak in searches for “white” supremacy during August 2017 indicating interest around the Charlottesville, Virginia rally. While a similar event took place in Washington, D.C. in August 2018 melanin continued having higher interest during that period. Interest in the Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex which some call “white supremacy” is not sustainable despite widespread media coverage.

We know the interest in melanin to be a positive one because of its interest relative to both white supremacy and black supremacy. Melanin is even more interesting than black supremacy. Which means people have even less interest in black supremacy than they do white supremacy. Melanin as an amino acid is the highest interest of all. Calling melanin an amino acid is somewhat of a misnomer due to the fact one of the precursors of melanin, tyrosine, is an amino acid but we do not know melanin’s molecular structure.


The rise of melanin is unstoppable. A temporary blip occurred on August 13, 2017, the 97th year of the Red, Black and Green flag. It was obviously related to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia regarding statues to losers. Here we present the graph showing the return to normalcy after the orchestrated hoopla died down.