Stop Crying Out Against “Black Supremacy,” “Black Nationalism,” “Racism in Reverse…”

As for white America, perhaps it can stop crying out against “black supremacy,” “black nationalism,” “racism in reverse,” and begin facing reality. The reality is that this nation, from top to bottom, is racist: that racism is not primarily a problem of “human relations” but of an exploitation maintained – either actively or through silence – by the society as a whole. Camus and Sartre have asked, Can a man condemn himself? Can whites, particularly liberal whites, condemn themselves? Can they stop blaming us, and blame their own system? Are they capable of the shame which might become a revolutionary emotion?

We have found that they usually cannot condemn themselves, and so we have done it. But the rebuilding of this society, if at all possible, is basically the responsibility of whites – not blacks. We won’t fight to save the present society, in Vietnam or anywhere else. We are just going to work, in the way we see fit, and on goals we define, not for civil rights but for all our human rights.

Extracted from POWER AND RACISM: WHAT WE WANT by Stokely Carmichael and Kwame Ture

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