Henry Berry Of Virginia On Extinguishing The Capacity To See

The following passage was brought to our awareness through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a book entitled “The Secrets of Freemasonry.” One important note: Berry never thought we would be reading this, did he? Not only was he and those who think like him underestimating the subject of his speech, he most certainly had not the imagination to perceive melanin, the chemical that makes us have our skin tone, would be worth more than gold. How sadistic can a person be that he has within him a desire to remove that which he is at the moment utilizing, from another. He intends doing that for no other purpose than to reduce people to the level of beasts!!!

The Speech of Henry Berry ... on the Abolition of Slavery
The Speech of Henry Berry In The House Of Delegates Of Virginia on the Abolition of Slavery Wednesday, January 11, 1832

Pass as severe laws as you will to keep these unfortunate creatures in ignorance, it is in vain, unless you can extinguish that spark of intellect which God has given them. Let any man who advocates slavery, examine the system of laws that we have adopted (from stern necessity it may be said,) towards these creatures, and he may shed a tear upon that, and would to God, sir, the memory of it might thus be blotted out forever. Sir, we have, as far as possible closed every avenue by which light might enter their minds; we have only to go one step further — to extinguish the capacity to see the light, and our work would be completed; they would then be reduced to the level of the beasts of the field and we should be safe; and I am not certain that we would not do it, if we could find out the necessary process and that under the plea of necessity. But, sir, this is impossible; and can man be in the midst of freemen, and not know what freedom is? Can he feel that he has the power to assert his liberty, and will he not do it? Yes, sir, with the certainty of the current of time, will he do it whenever he has the power. Sir, to prove that the time will come, I need offer no other argument than that of arithmetic, the conclusions from which are clear demonstrations on this subject.

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