The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

March 24, 2017 was one of the biggest days in the history of Keyamsha the Awakening (the blog). We had over 1500 visitors and over 3000 views. The saga continued. On March 25, we had at least 1000 visitors.

Unfortunately, we are not celebrating. Twitter blew the blog up. But it was not for a good thing.

People on twitter were attempting to link real missing black women and girls to fear of an unverified fake news melanin harvesting/melanin thieves aka “black organs” urban legend. The only true fear is fear of death. Since, we can see, based on independent observation, at some point everyone will experience a material death, all fear is irrational. As The Third World Band tells us:

The spirit lives, Its living in the people. It keeps coming back and it will never die.

Some even say knowing about melanin harvesting melanin thieves means you are “woke.” We broke down the melanin harvesting/melanin thieves urban legend before. Simply put we know it to be a hoax because the company selling melanin is never mentioned in those tales. We think that is because anyone making unverified claims  involving a real company will be subject to libel and slander laws. That is also why we think they remove anything which could identify our company from our graphic images they use.

They are mixing lies with truth and truth with lies. In the the end all you have are lies in a truthful disguise. The most annoying thing is the attempt to exploit the missing Black women by associating them being missing to the value of melanin. Those people care nothing for the women who are missing and see little value in their existence other than to promote their worthless political agenda.

The second most annoying thing is that there are people deliberately attempting to use a tragic situation to connect feelings other than love, value and reverence to melanin. Then of course is the fact the melanin melanin thieves/black organs/melanin harvesting hoax is taking time away from other activities related to this blog.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

The Mhotep Corporation uses its Keyamsha The Awakening brand to heighten perceptions and expand awareness. By producing content that engages, entertains and educates we create value for value relationships with our audience for mutual benefit. Mhotep is derived from the name of the architect and builder of the first pyramid in Kemet, so-called ancient Egypt. I formed the Mhotep Corporation in 2003 to produce and distribute 3D animation videos based on traditional African stories. Since then it has evolved to being a media production company including books. In a previous life I worked as a systems analyst developing solutions for government and multinational organizations. Born and educated in Washington, D.C. I have traveled to several places including Haiti, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria (several times), Ethiopia (several times), Benin, Togo, and South Africa. I am married with three children.

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