Part 2 of The Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend: A Hoax Deconstructed, A Myth Busted, A Scam Exposed

So we see somebody is going through a lot of trouble to create misinformation about melanin, right?

Screenshot showing melanin is worth $396.00 per gram as of January 3, 2017.

We also know the melanin harvesting by melanin thieves black organs saga is a hoax, a myth and a scam because there is a company which sells melanin. It also sets the price of melanin and states the source of the extracted melanin as sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. Melanin harvesting conspiracy theorists NEVER mention that company. We are certain they’d get sued for libel and slander if they did. In our original post we presented a screenshot of the webpage where the dollar value of melanin is clearly displayed. Melanin harvesting hoaxsters never show that image but they use our “Keep Calm Melanin Is Worth Over $300 A Gram More Than Gold” and “Oduno Scale” memes from the same blog post relentlessly. They even modify them to remove anything that might identify us as the source. Do melanin harvesting conspiracy theorists refrain from any mention of that company or ours because they risk being sued for libel and slander?

Melanin can also be harvested from human hair. With that as a renewable source of melanin no intelligent person can consider the Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend to be of any use whatsoever. At this point it seems the people who invented should do us all a favor. They should simply come forward and take responsibility for the error of their ways.

melanin is $384.50 a gram
Keep Calm Melanin is $384.50 a gram. Keyamsha, The Awakening, is happening as you read this.
the oduno scale
The Oduno Scale is a graphic representation comparing the dollar value of melanin relative to gold, silver, platinum palladium and coltan. It is named in honor of Baba Tarik A. Oduno who inspired its creation.

We began to inquire about the dollar value after a friend of ours stated to us:

“Trayvon Martin was killed because of the fear of ‘genetic annihilation.'”

His statement inspired us to know more about the fear of ‘genetic annihilation.’ We knew that phrase from Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. It was she who first informed us about melanin. Before watching her on “For the People” with Listervelt Middleton we knew nothing about melanin or her classic book “The Yssis Papers: Keys to the Colors.”

We found out very little about ‘genetic annihilation’ other than that it seems to have originated with Dr. Welsing. At that point we decided to learn all we could about melanin. Did melanin lead to the death of Trayvon Martin or was there something deeper?

In researching melanin we learned that there had been substantially a movement to diminish the importance of it. We learned about a paper written by Dr. Frank Barr in 1983. the abstract for “Melanin: The Organizing Molecule” informs us:

The hypothesis is advanced that melanin (in conjunction with other pigment molecules such as the isopentenoids) functions as the major organizational molecule in living systems. Melanin is depicted as an organizational “trigger” capable of using established properties such as photon-(electron)-phonon conversions, free radical-redox mechanisms, ion exchange mechanisms, and semiconductive switching capabilities to direct energy to strategic molecular systems and sensitive hierarchies of protein enzyme cascades. Melanin is held capable of regulating a wide range of molecular interactions and metabolic processes primarily through its effective control of diverse covalent modifications. To support the hypothesis, established and proposed properties of melanin are reviewed (including the possibility that (neuro)melanin is capable of self-synthesis). Two “melanocentric systems”–key molecular systems in which melanin plays a central if not controlling role–are examined: 1) the melanin-purine-pteridine (covalent modification) system and 2) the APUD (or diffuse neuroendocrine) system. Melanin’s role in embryological organization and tissue repair/regeneration via sustained or direct current is considered in addition to its possible control of the major homeostatic regulatory systems–autonomic, neuroendocrine, and immunological.

Dr. Barr was interviewed as part of an April 4, 1994 article in Time magazine by Leon Jaroff entitled “Teaching Reverse Racism.” Time attempted to refute any idea that melanin could have positive implications for Black people due to the higher melanin content of our skin. But that was not the beginning of what seems to be a campaign to obfuscate the truth about melanin. Since then Dr. Barr and his followers have emphasized the notion he was referring to “neuromelanin.” So far, the only difference between eumelanin and neuromelanin is the rate by which they reduce acid silver nitrate. In the 1957 paper “METAL REDUCTION REACTIONS OF THE MELANINS: HISTOCHEMICAL STUDIES” R.D. Lillie states, “neuromelanin…appears to be a distinct substance, perhaps not even closely related chemically to the other melanins.”


Dr. Barr never relates how the difference affects his hypothesis, especially when he freely admits there are “two” melanocentric systems. Most importantly, the melanocytes which produce cutaneous (skin) melanin originate in the neural crest. The neural crest also produces neurons. Neuromelanin and eumelanin are both products of cells which originate in the neural crest, but we are supposed to accept the idea they have nothing to do with each other without any critical analysis. Dr. Barr backed off eumelanin having the properties stated in his abstract above. This is despite the fact eumelanin has been proven to engage in ion exchange and to be a semiconductor through the invention of the melanin bistable switch. If cutaneous eumelanin does nothing but, “direct energy to strategic molecular systems” when absorbing sunlight what else does it do? Where does the photon energy from sunlight go when it is absorbed by melanin? The “sensitive hierarchies of protein enzyme cascades” seems to describe DNA which is protected from UV radiation by melanin.

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Screenshot showing melanin is worth $396.00 per gram as of January 3, 2017.

Part 3 of The Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend: A Hoax Deconstructed, A Myth Busted, A Scam Exposed

Over 211k scholarly articles on melanin with callout

FACT: There are over 176,000 scholarly articles with the word “MELANIN” in them.

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FACT: There are over 900,000 patents with the word Melanin in them.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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