The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

March 24, 2017 was one of the biggest days in the history of Keyamsha the Awakening (the blog). We had over 1500 visitors and over 3000 views. The saga continued. On March 25, we had at least 1000 visitors. Unfortunately, we are not celebrating. Twitter blew the blog up. But it was not for a good… More The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

On Ascendivism

Years ago a friend was in prison, due to be released after nearly fourteen years of incarceration. We reconnected after over a decade. We talked and wrote each other regularly in anticipation of his release. One of the main topics of discussion were his plans once he was free. He had an idea to produce a… More On Ascendivism

Mr. Muhammad Speaks

In the process of researching the history of “Black Supremacy” (more appropriately termed fear of Black Supremacy) we learned that one of the major triggers for the enormous increase in articles referring to Black Supremacy in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s had been the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Interestingly enough, The Honorable Elijah… More Mr. Muhammad Speaks


Calling all spiritual warriors of African descent to gather 3:00PM sharp, Sunday, March 26, rain or shine, at Congo (Washington) Square, 7th & Walnut Streets in Philadelphia for the Fourth Sacred Libation Ceremony in remembrance of the 150 documented Black women who were lynched between 1870 and 1957.

A History of Black Supremacy: Part 2

Over time the concept of “Black Supremacy” changed. The most substantial transformation of “Black Supremacy” came during the 1950s. Oddly, it was used to incite opposition to the Mau Mau in Kenya and promote opposition to the drive for independence in other parts of Africa. Proquest shows 829 results in a search for Black Supremacy. 582 or 70 percent… More A History of Black Supremacy: Part 2

A History of Black Supremacy: Part 1

Once we completed our post on a history of White Supremacy, it seemed almost natural that a history of Black Supremacy follow. Although titled “A History of Black Supremacy,” clearly what is commonly referred to as “Black Supremacy” represents a fear of “Black Greatness” beyond the perception of melanin challenged people who call themselves “white.” Believe it or not, the phrases… More A History of Black Supremacy: Part 1