Our blood Our melanin and Africa unites us!!!

Culturally coded wisdom is symbolically embedded in the REd, Black and Green. It tells us who are willing to know the truth: Our Blood, Our Melanin and Africa UNITES US!!! No one can tell us this but us. No one can know this but us. We were given the RBG on August 13, 1920 by people who were prepared to usher in a new era when all humanity is blessed. They provided us with the benefit of their wisdom encoded in the Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World. When it is considered that document is not widely mentioned or well known, we realize the need to know what the Declaration of Rights contains and its ability to emancipate the mind of those who seek the truth.

image showing a red blood drop beside a Black star next to a green Africa above text reading Our Blood Our Melanin and Africa UNITES US!!!

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