Imagine what would have happened if Jesse Williams had said, “Melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold.”

That’s because it is. Right this second melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes people black is worth over $380 a gram more than gold.

Jesse Williams came close. He spoke of so-called “whiteness” as an invention. He is correct. So-called “race” is the invention of a man named Johann Blumenbach. But Williams did not go far enough. He did not explain how there is not a single quantifiable empirical phenomenon upon which to base the idea people are “white.” Furthermore, there is no material substance from which to derive so-called “white” people. White has no chemical formula. White has no molecular structure. White can not be located anywhere in the known universe using cartesian coordinates.

But there is melanin. Melanin not only makes Black people black it makes crows black. Melanin makes Angus cattle black. Melanin makes cats black. It gives german shepherds and chickadees their appearance. Melanin is in the choroid coat of our eyes. Melanin is in the chitin of crickets and bees. Melanin is in microorganisms. Melanin is at the base of our brains in a structure called the substantia nigra. Melanin is in our ears.

Jesse Williams mentioned us getting to know ourselves. He said, “It’s kind of basic mathematics – the more we learn about who we are…” If we are going to truly know ourselves we have to know the mathematics of our melanin. Melanin is not being discussed by BET, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, the BBC, Al Jazeera nor RT want to talk about. They don’t want to talk about melanin being worth over $300 $350 a gram more than gold.

So we have to have an open conversation about melanin, what it is and why it is worth over $300 $350 a gram more than gold. In our opinion the dollar value is the universe speaking a language that everyone can understand…MONEY!!! The fact that melanin is worth over $300 $350 a gram more than gold is universal law being enforced. It’s up to us.

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