Politics Without Economics Is Symbol Without Substance

It has been nearly 30 years since Minister Farrakhan made this speech. We always believed that this would be a big part of the Million Man March. Now, 20 years after the first Million Man March, the expectation of politics married to economics for Black people worldwide is more important than ever.

September 28, 1987
A capacity crowd of over 14,000 people jammed the Los Angeles Convention Center to hear a message on economic empowerment delivered by Minister Farrakhan. The theme; “Politics Without Economics Is Symbol Without Substance” was originally scheduled for August 8.

The meeting evoked a furor when Mayor Bradley was accosted by Irv Rubin, leader of the militant Jewish Defense League, at a July 22 press conference and pressured to “repudiate” Min. Farrakhan’s upcoming visit. Mayor Bradley complied and city officials called on the people of Los Angeles to reject the message, but the people showed strong support of the message and the messenger. Min. Abdul Allah Muhammad spearheaded a petition drive securing thousands of signatures from L.A. citizens in favor of hearing Min. Farrakhan.

“I am so thankful to Almighty God Allah for the blessing of having met with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, my teacher, a man who…

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