Keep Cool by Marcus Garvey

Keep Cool by Marcus Garvey
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the shrine of Marcus Garvey in Jamaica. To King’s right is Amy Jacques Garvey, widow of Marcus Garvey and mother of his two sons.
Keep cool by Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey in convention.

The following are lyrics to a song written by Marcus Garvey while he was incarcerated in Atlanta Prison.

Listen to a version of this song courtesy Battle Cry for Cuba Zimbabwe here Keep Cool by Jahiti Brownfish and Denyse Pearson

The song is available for purchase from Jahiti for 99 cents here:

Suns have set and suns will rise
Upon many gloomy lives;
Those who sit around and say:
“Nothing good comes down our way.”
Some say: “What’s the use to try,
Life is awful hard and dry.”
If they’d bring such news to you,
This is what you ought to do.

Let no trouble worry you;
Keep cool, keep cool!
Don’t get hot like some folk do,
Keep cool, keep cool!
What’s the use of prancing high
While the world goes smiling by.
You can win if you would try,
Keep cool, keep cool.

Throw your troubles far away.
Smile a little every day,
And the sun will start to shine,
Making life so true and fine.
Do not let a little care
Fill your life with grief and fear:
Just be calm, be brave and true,
Keep your head and you’ll get through.

Let no trouble worry you;
Keep cool, keep cool!
Just be brave and ever true;
Keep cool, keep cool!
If they’d put you in a flame,
Though you should not bear the blame,
Do not start to raising cane,
Keep cool, keep cool.

Advertisement in the Negro World for April 30, 1927 for Keep Cool by Marcus Garvey

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