Hail! United States of Africa!

United States of Africa
United States of Africa Passport

The United States of Africa originated from Marcus Garvey. Some people want to give credit for the idea to Muammar Gaddafi. Others want to connect it to Robert Mugabe. If they believed the world should be the way they want it to be, all those people would have to do is tell the truth. Confident truth is prevailing, we provide below the original concept of the United States of Africa in a poem by Marcus Garvey.

Hail! United States of Africa–free!
Hail! Motherland most bright, divinely fair!
State in perfect sisterhood united,
Born of truth: mighty thou shalt ever be.

Hail! Sweet land of our father’s noble kin!
Let joy within thy bounds be ever known;
Friend of the wandering poor, and helpless, thou,
Light to all, such as freedom’s reigns within.

The colors Red, Black and Green have symbolically represented Black people worldwide for nearly 100 years.

From Liberia’s peaceful western coast
To the foaming Cape at the southern end,
There’s but one law and sentiment sublime,
One flag, and its emblem of which we boast.

The Nigerias are all united now,
Sierra Leone and the Gold Coast, too.
Gambia, Senegal, not divided,
But in one union happily bow.

The treason of the centuries is dead,
All alien whites are forever gone;
The glad home of Sheba is once more free,
As o’er the world the black man raised his head.

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Bechuanaland, a State with Kenya,
Members of the Federal Union grand.
Send their greetings to sister Zanzibar,
And so does laughing Tanganyika.

Over in Grand Mother Mozambique,
The pretty Union Flag floats in the air.
She is sister to good Somaliland,
Smiling with the children of Dahomey.

Three lusty cheers for old Basutoland,
Timbuctoo. Tunis and Algeria,
Uganda, Kamerun, all together
Are in the Union with Nyasaland.

We waited long for fiery Morocco,
Now with Guinea and Togo she has come,
All free and equal in the sisterhood,
Like Swazi, Zululand and the Congo.

There is no state left out of the Union–
The East, West, North, South including Central,
Are in the nation strong forever,
Over blacks in glorious dominion.

Hail! United States of Africa-free!
Country of the brave black man’s liberty;
State of greater nationhood thou hast won,
A new life for the race is just begun.

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