Visualize Planet Melanin


There was a time in the history of the universe when all the people who existed were in one place… Africa. If all the people on the planet were in Africa then, all of the people were melanin people. There were no people in Asia, or Australia, or North and South America. The only people in the world were melanin people in Africa. At that point this was Planet Melanin.

So imagine, if you have an imagination. Envision, those of you who have vision. Dream, those who are free to be dreamers. What must this planet have been like at that time? The answer is recorded in our DNA.

I’ve not only seen that vision I’ve seen others have seen it too. On the National Archives building in Washington DC you will find the words: “Study the past. The past is prologue.”

We live in a present full of ideas in conflict with the past. If the past is prologue the future will be nothing like the present which is nothing like the past.

With that we present a few of the thoughts which came when through visualization of Planet Melanin.


There are no police on Planet Melanin.
There are no single parent households on Planet Melanin.
There is no ghetto on Planet Melanin.
Maat reigns supreme on Planet Melanin.
Everyone has a house on Planet Melanin.
Unemployment does not exist on Planet Melanin.
We eat what we grow and we grow what we eat on Planet Melanin.
Ubuntu tells us there is a sacred force inside us all on Planet Melanin.
There is no dark skin/light skin on Planet Melanin.
Every child knows their father on Planet Melanin.
We all woke up on Planet Melanin.
There are no guns cuz ain’t nobody scaired on Planet Melanin.
We don’t boycott Black Businesses on Planet Melanin.
We make our own movies on Planet Melanin.
The maafa does not exist on Planet Melanin.
The ancestors are honored on Planet Melanin.
Our Children are scientists par excellence on Planet Melanin.
RBG is the only flag on Planet Melanin.
We are the power and the power is us on Planet Melanin.
Those who are willing to visualize Planet Melanin will see heaven in their lifetime.

The colors Red, Black and Green have symbolically represented Black people worldwide for nearly 100 years.

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