Melanin can not be injected

Melanin harvesting? Melanin thieves? Black organs? Click here for the facts!!!

Some people want us to believe “melanin thieves” are “stealing” or “harvesting” melanin from Black people to inject in their skin. Someone could technically inject melanin in their body, but it would accomplish nothing.

We can’t hardly believe people are injecting melanin to darken their skin unless we are dumb deaf and blind. Believe that if you want to be the victim of a hoax…a scam…a myth…an urban legend. Believe that if you want to be hoodwinked…led astray and run amuck.

This blog post is not for anybody easily led in the wrong direction and hard to be led in the right.

Melanin harvesting and melanin thieves memes are passed along because of “emotional selection.” (Read Emotional Selection in Memes: The Case of Urban Legends for the details.) Watch the video below to learn how the process of melanogenesis works. When you see this it will become clear no one can steal melanin for the purpose of injecting it into their skin. The pictures shown in the melanin thieves videos are of this man

from his reddit account who injected Melanotan-II aka α-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone and this man from his account.

Wolfii is from Germany, not Australia. These pictures are from 2008, not 2003.

Melanogenesis is a metabolic process. That means it is a chemical process and happens within the body. Melanin is produced from the inside out. Melanocytes are cells in the epidermis of human skin. Melanocytes produce melanin. Melanin is packed into a special cell known as a melanosome. The melanin containing melanosome transfers melanin to the keratinocytes. A full explanation of the process can be found in the article  Keratinocyte–Melanocyte Interactions During Melanosome Transfer.

Some of the promoters of the urban legend attempt to connect it to the fact melanin is worth over $395 a gram more than gold. Please read this article on Cephalopod Ink: Production, Chemistry, Functions and Applications to understand that melanin is harvested from the ink of cephalopods, not humans.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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