Let us pray for Africa

Lagbaja is a musician from Nigeria. In the lyrics to his song “Bad Leadership” from the album C’ est Un African Thing he has a prayer. We share it below for those who feel it is important to “Pray for Africa.”

Let us pray for Africa
If you love Africa…let’s go
Oh God of all heaven and earth
and all creatures within
please grant us succor
empower us
as you did David
deliver us
from the hands of the oppressors
so that some day
wherever we may be
in Africa
or the diaspora
Africans will be free
and Africa will be healthy
oh God almighty
please give us great leaders
leaders with vision
give them to us oh lord
and deliver us
from the hands of bad leaders
bad leaders like
bad leaders like
you know them oh God
we don’t have to mention their names

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