He who has the melanin makes the rules

It is said: “he who has the gold makes the rules.” We say, “he who has the MELANIN makes the rules.”

We assert that this is true because melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes Black people black is worth, at present, $373.50 a gram. That makes melanin worth $300 a gram more than gold. Melanin has six times the value of gold. Not only that but melanin is more prevalent in nature than gold. Relevant to melanin, gold is scarce.

Furthermore, there is more melanin on earth than there is gold. Melanin is found in numerous places. As an organic semiconductor it exists in the bodies of every human being. Melanin is in our nervous system, it is in the choroid coat of the human eye. It is found throughout nature. Melanin is gives animals like black panthers, black cats, and black angus cattle their physical appearance. It is also the primary ingredient in cephalopod ink.

Melanin is more important to humans than gold. The dollar value of melanin shows this. But more importantly melanin makes us who we are. A structure in the mid-brain named substantia nigra is responsible for a great deal of what makes human beings human. It is important in reward, addiction and movement. Its name is Latin for “black substance.” The “black substance” of course is melanin. The substantia nigra produces dopamine. Dopamine allows humans to have smooth coordinated muscle movement. The dopamine receptors in the substantia nigra are also involved in muscle tone.

It therefore follows that “he who makes the rules” makes the rules because of melanin. Ergo, he who has the melanin makes the rules.


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