Spiritual conditioning #2: Boukman’s Prayer

We have to get something clear. Abraham Lincoln did not free any slaves. Forced servitude began its descent into the dustbin of history due to the actions of Africans in Haiti.  They fortified themselves with a highly developed spiritual condition to bring about the end of chattledom and forced servitude before Abraham Lincoln was even born.

This version of what is widely known as “Boukman’s Prayer” was originally found in  “The Irritated Genie” by Jacob Carruthers. It is the prayer which launched the Haitian Revolution and brought about the end of forced servitude in spite of the best efforts to perpetuate that crime against humanity.

Cover of The Irritated Genie by Jacob Carruthers

On August 14, 1791 Boukman or Dutty Boukman conducted a ceremony with Cécile Fatiman in a place in Haiti known as Bois Cayman which began the Haitian Revolution. The following is considered to be “Boukman’s Prayer” taken from that ceremony.

“Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above,
who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble; Listen!
God though hidden in a cloud watches over us.
The god of the whiteman calls forth crime
but our God wills good works.
Our God who is so good commands us to vengeance.

He will direct our arms and help us. 
Throw away the likeness of the white man’s god
who has so often brought us to tears
and listen to the liberty which speaks in all our hearts.”

(Sannon Vol 1, p. 89, Carruther’s translation)
French language version of Boukman’s prayer from page 98 of Histoire de Toussaint-Louverture by Horace Pauléus Sannon.
French language version of Boukman’s prayer from page 99 of Histoire de Toussaint-Louverture by Horace Pauléus Sannon..

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