Spiritual Conditioning #1: The Cathy Hughes Prayer

Picture of Cathy Hughes on the Ben’s chilli bowl murali

Cathy Hughes: Successful Business woman, Media Mogul, and mother also had her own radio show. We used to listen to her show in the morning and if you know anything about Cathy she is full of prayer. She used this prayer to start her mornings. We liked it so much we recorded it and then wrote it down.

This post is the first in our series on “Spiritual Conditioning.” The Spiritual Conditioning series is a recipe for generating a highly developed spiritual condition. It is intended as an antidote to “The Maafa” (Swahili for “Great Disaster) and to invoke “Mchakato wa uponyaji” (Swahili for “The process of healing.”)
Dear Mother… Father… God
We thank you for this new day…For this new millennium, for this new opportunity to do thy will. We thank you dear Lord for protecting us from our adversaries, both seen and unseen. We thank you for your love and for your many wonders. We thank you for our ancestors, for our parents, for our children, our families our friends and our loved ones.
We pray this morning for a special blessing for those of us in need of prayer. Whatever the problem, whatever the need, whatever the concern may be. We ask you dear Lord to heed the petitions of those in pain. Have mercy on us lord, have mercy on us.
This morning as we embrace the dawning of a new day we seek to embrace the dawning of a new attitude towards our self and others. We seek thy wisdom to understand what we must do today to become more worthy of the hopeful spirit that resides in each of us.
Help us to curb our tongues, to open our hearts to control our flesh, to overcome our weaknesses to expand our minds and to elevate our consciousness. Help us hope to love ourselves so that we may truly love each other. Grant us the peace and tranquility that fosters happiness and lead us on the path of righteousness for the remainder of our days. O Lord of Lords, king of kings, master of all masters, you have taught us to everything is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.
With our collective purpose this morning, we proclaim that this is our season and our time to accept our purpose. Give us strength to face this day with the confidence in knowing almighty God has personally destined our time and purpose and that there is nothing in the universe mightier than almighty God.
So today let us let go and let God. As we enjoy this season and embrace our purpose.
This is our prayer, amen.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

The Mhotep Corporation uses its Keyamsha The Awakening brand to heighten perceptions and expand awareness. By producing content that engages, entertains and educates we create value for value relationships with our audience for mutual benefit. Mhotep is derived from the name of the architect and builder of the first pyramid in Kemet, so-called ancient Egypt. I formed the Mhotep Corporation in 2003 to produce and distribute 3D animation videos based on traditional African stories. Since then it has evolved to being a media production company including books. In a previous life I worked as a systems analyst developing solutions for government and multinational organizations. Born and educated in Washington, D.C. I have traveled to several places including Haiti, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria (several times), Ethiopia (several times), Benin, Togo, and South Africa. I am married with three children.

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