Malcolm X on Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner

On February 4, 1965, during a visit to Selma, Alabama, Malcolm spoke to 300 civil rights workers at Brown Chapel AME Church. Does it seem like Malcolm is talking about today in this speech? Is what he suggest be done then still an option now? Should we be wiring the United Nations and asking the UN Secretary General to take up our cause?

“If the federal government does not find it within its power and ability to investigate a criminal organization such as the Klan, then you and I are within our rights to wire Secretary-General U Thant of the United Nations and charge the federal government in this country, behind Lyndon B. Johnson, with being derelict in its duty to protect the human rights of twenty-two million Black people in this country. And in their failure to protect our human rights, they are violating the United Nations Charter, and they are not qualified to continue to sit in that international body and talk about what human rights should be done in other countries on this earth.

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