Keyamsha the awakening long sleeve t-shirt

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Kiamsha is a swahili word. The root “amsha” has several meanings including: rouse, galvanize, move, rekindle, key up, freshen, appetize, disturb, jog, call forth, excite, incite, rally, interest, intrigue, evoke, brisk, bring around (revive), inflame, inspirit. It’s prefix ki- means “of a given kind.” The combination of the two has been thought of as meaning “that which awakens me.” We see this idea of “awakening” as being key to the restoration of African Civilization, so we have respelled kiamsha to keyamsha, thus creating a “Hybrid word.” The prefix “key” now indicates that we “hold the key to the world’s destiny” in the “palm of our hand.”

Dr. Huey P. Newton tells us “power is, first of all, the ability to define phenomena, and secondly the ability to make these phenomena act in a desired manner.” When there was no one else on this planet defining phenomena, people in Africa were defining phenomena. That means the oldest sources of power are in African languages. African languages have been making phenomena act in a desired manner for longer than any other language. Connecting with African language is to connect to the oldest source of power.

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