How Much Is Melanin Worth On The Black Market?

I defy anyone to prove that melanin is being stolen or harvested from human beings. That is a hoax. It’s a scam intended to distract us from the fact melanin is important. It is important because it is valuable. Melanin is worth over $300 a gram more than gold.

All human beings, even albinos, have melanocytes in their skin. Melanocytes are the cells which produce melanin. Some people have melanocytes which produce more melanin than others. Some people have melanocytes which produce pheomelanin. Pheomelanin is carcinogenic. Eumelanin is brown and black. Pheomelanin is red and yellow. Some people produce less melanin because of a chemical named glutathione.

Injecting melanin does nothing to make melanocytes produce melanin. Melanin is produced through a metabolic chemical process known as melanogenesis. Melanogenesis begins in melanocytes when cells known as melanosomes produce tyrosinase and tyrosine.

There is no need to steal or harvest melanin from people, especially since it can be harvested from human hair. The source of melanin being sold is cephalopod ink. The ink of cuttlefish, squid and octopus has melanin in it. Melanin is in Black Angus cattle and black cats. Its in the feathers of crows and ravens.

Killing the goose who laid the golden egg stops the goose from laying golden eggs.

The idea melanin is being sold on the black market is the latest melanin myth. Apparently the melanin deniers came up with that one because they were unable to reconcile the fact the myth of melanin being sold on the stock market was easily refuted.

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