FACT: There are over 176,000 scholarly articles with the word “MELANIN” in them.

melanin molecule
There are over 176,000 scholarly articles with the word “MELANIN” in them.

Update: Since we first began documenting facts about melanin the number of scholarly articles has increased. In two three years’ time the number has increased by over 89,000 articles. That is almost 30,000 articles a year. The growth apparently is due to articles which were published at some time in the past being added to Google Scholar. At present there are over 300K scholarly articles with the word “melanin” in them on Google Scholar.

Why are scholars so interested in studying melanin? Why are so much of this planet’s resources allocated to studying melanin? If melanin is as important as these results suggest, why do you hear so little about it? Why don’t we name this area of research and put it out in the open? Shouldn’t it be properly named “melaninology” and standardized so that information about melanin is consistent?

There are over 347k scholarly articles have the word melanin in them.

Dark Matter also subject to intense scientific scrutiny as evidenced by over 670k scholarly articles involving dark matter on Google Scholar. Similarly over 140k scholarly articles involve dark energy on Google Scholar. Interestingly enough the terms “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” could just as well describe melanin. Melanin is matter and it is dark. Likewise, melanin is energy and it is dark. When an object interacts with photons of light and absorbs them, the object has the appearance of being “dark.” Conversely, when an object interacts with photons of light and reflects them, the object has the appearance of being light. Photons are

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Part of this information will be found in the upcoming book “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold.”

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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