Tomorrow Is The 100th Anniversary of the Lynching of 8 Months Pregnant Mary Turner.

Atlanta Journal Constitution article detailing the lynching of Mary Turner in May 1918.

The image with this post is the first piece of evidence proving Mary Turner had been lynched on May 19, 1918. That was 100 years ago as of May 19, 2018. Malcolm X was born on that date in 1925.

A few people have determined that the best way to deal with the shame they feel for those who committed this atrocity is to claim it was a hoax. Where it not for courageous journalists of merit it would not be possible to cite Mary Turner and her unborn child to raise the call for an ascension of the human spirit to a new level of awareness. We are one.

Visit to learn about Mary Turner and the atrocity that led to her death in detail.

Mary Turner was one of at least 148 documented cases of Black Women who were lynched in the United States of America. Seven years to the day after Mary Turner was lynched, Malcolm X came to this planet. It surprises us that the two events occurred on the same date seven years apart yet they are not equally as well known. Mary Turner’s lynching should be as well known as Malcolm X’s birthday if for no other reason the date is the same.